2020 Season Special Guidelines/Recommendations

UpdatedMonday June 1, 2020 byBrian Sullivan.

J.L. Hutchinson League 2020 Season

Special Guidelines for Coaches, Players, Officials, and Spectators

June 1, 2020


As we return to baseball, we ask you to follow the guidelines outlined below while enjoying games:

JL Hutchinson League plays on ball fields of the City of Pittsburg.  All spectators must follow safety guidelines put in place by the City, County, and/or State. Additionally, we have the following guidelines/recommendations: 

Seating: Bleacher seating may not be available per the decision of the City of Pittsburg. Spectator seating is completely open around the outside of the field fencing and adjacent commons areas to the fields using your own chairs. The fence lines of the fields provide a large area for viewing.  Spread out and enjoy the game.

Who should not come / visit to the park? 

  1. Anyone with an underlying medical condition that would classify them as “high risk”.
  2. Anyone who shows any signs of sickness.
  3. Anyone who answers yes to any of the following questions:
    1. Have you had symptoms of fever and cough, shortness of breath now or in the last 2-14 days?
    2. You or anyone in your household been to, or had contact with someone that has visited any of the restricted travel advisory locations listed on the CDC site within 14 days?
    3. Have you had close contact with anyone in the past 14 days who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Restrooms and concessions: these services are owned and operated by the City of Pittsburg and their availability is dependent on the City.

Coaches, Players, Officials:


All players and coaches must practice social distancing of least 6 feet whenever possible.

No shared beverages (like water coolers) are allowed. Ideally, players should keep their personal beverages with their family during games. 

No sunflower seeds are allowed. No spitting or mouth rinsing with drinks is allowed.

In all divisions, no extra innings will be played to resolve a tie. This rule exception allows us to keep games on schedule and minimize the chances of larger crowds gathering at a ballfield.

Pregame and During Game: 

Players and coaches arriving for pre-game warm up must practice a proper distance from spectators and other teams. Pre-game warm-ups should be limited to no more than 30 minutes prior to game time. During team downtime, players should return to sitting with their families or properly spaced and away from other spectators and players.

No team or player handshakes, team or player high fives.

Scorekeepers: The scoreboard operator and scorekeeper will be positioned to allow for communication, but at 6 feet distance from each other. 

Plate Meeting: The pre-game meeting at home plate should be represented by one coach from each team and the umpires all observing social distancing. No players are allowed at plate meetings.

Game Baseballs: The defensive team is responsible to provide all baseballs (supplied to each team manager by the league) used in their half inning. Umpires will not handle baseballs.  Teams need to be prepared to put multiple baseballs in play (to account for foul balls sailing out of play) to keep the game pacing forward.

Umpire Positions: Umpires will be located behind the pitcher's mound to call balls/strikes. Umpires will rotate to standard positions to make play calls when the ball is put in play. In some instances, the league may have one umpire on the field.

Personal Protective Equipment: Any umpire, staff member, parent or player who chooses to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks, glasses, or gloves can do so any time and for players, at any position (including pitcher).

Sanitary Necessities: The league will provide hand sanitizer and sanitizing spray/wipes for hard surfaces in each dugout.  Players are also encouraged to have their own set of sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer to disinfect shared playing equipment and clean hands between innings.

Sharing of batting helmets or catcher gear should be avoided, if possible. If shared, the helmet should wiped or sprayed with sanitizer between users. In particular, the face shields of catcher’s gear and batting helmets should be sanitized between users.

Bats should be wiped/sprayed with sanitizer at least between innings.


We recommend teams to tip their cap/helmet to honor their opponent after a game from across the field. No handshake lines will be allowed. Please do not stand on the foul line to make this sportsmanlike gesture to preserve the foul line for the next game.

Dugouts: No more than half the team’s roster of players can occupy the dugout at a time unless the dugout is large enough to allow proper social distancing. Players standing outside the dugout should stay behind the fence (or sit if chairs/bench is available), or sit with their families until their turn to enter the dugout.

Maximum of three coaches in and around the dugout.  When batting, this includes base coaches and one bench coach.

After each game, teams must clean their dugout of all trash and items.  A coach or team parent should disinfect hard surface areas (benches, bat racks) by wiping/spraying with sanitizer upon entering and exiting a dugout.

We appreciate your cooperation with these guidelines and recommendations.