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*Official playing rules of the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth, Inc., and as supplemented or modified by the JL Hutchinson League rules, shall govern play in all leagues. 


                    7 & 8 YR                     9 &10 YR                 11 & 12 YR                  13,14,15 YR

Born from: 1-May-08                      1-May-06                   1-May-04                   1-May-02

To:            30-April-07                  30-April-05               30-April-03                    30-April-00


*Players in the first grade, who will become 7 years old between May 1, 2004 and August 31, 2006 may choose to enter the league classified as a 7 year old.


*Other players entering the league for the first time who are born between May 1 and August 31 have the option of playing in their class year or the above age group.  (i.e. a player turning 11 on July 11 but was in the fifth grade could decide to begin play in the 10 year old group based on DOB or as an 11 year old to play with other fifth graders).



The first game begins at 6:00 pm

The second game begins 10 minutes after the completion of the first game.

No infield practice is allowed between games.


                          Machine Pitch                 Carnino               German                Gutteridge

Time Limit:             1:20hrs                        1:30hrs                1:40hrs                  1:50hrs

*New inning begins after the third out of the preceding inning

*Tournament Championship Game has no time limit


Number of Innings       6                                   6                          6                           6

*Only 1 extra inning will be played in case of a tie


Rainout/Weather Delay

*A game in progress will be suspended until such time that it may be restarted.  All pitching rules at the time of the suspension will remain in place.


Run Rule:                    N/A                      15 runs after 3    10 runs after 4     10 runs after 4


Bases:                          60’                                   60’                          70’                       90’


Pitching Mound:           N/A                                  46’                          50’                        60’ 6”


Bat Max Size:               2 ¼”                                 2 ¼”                       2 ¼”                        2 5/8”


Balk Rule:                     N/A                                  No                          Yes                          Yes


Lead Offs:                      No                                   No                          Yes                          Yes


Head First Slides Home:  No                                 No                           No                          No

*Runner will be called out!

                          Machine Pitch                 Carnino               German                Gutteridge

Maximum Players         12                               11                         11                            11

Per Roster


All Players Bat:             Yes                            Yes                       Yes                          Yes


Free Substitution:          Yes                            Yes                       Yes                          Yes


Bunting Allowed:            No                              Yes                      Yes                          Yes

Breaking Pitches:           N/A                              No                        No                          Yes


Dropped 3rd strike:          No                               No                        Yes                        Yes


Cleats:                          rubber                          rubber                 rubber                     rubber


Intentional Walks:            N/A                              No                       No                         No






6 or fewer players=FORFEIT.  A team must have at least 7 players throughout the game.  However, if a team provides 24 hours notice of inability to field a team, a forfeit will not be enforced, and instead will be rescheduled.


*A team must have 7 players present within 15 minutes of the start time.


*Any portion of the 15-minute delay is included in the game time.


7 players=An out will be recorded every time the 8th position comes to bat.


8 players=No penalty







1 or 2 games played                                     3 innings per game

in a week                                                       4 innings total in back-to-back games

                                                                      6 innings maximum per week


3 or more games played                               3 innings per game

in a week                                                      No back-to-back rule

                                                                      9 innings maximum per week


Post Season Tournament                           3 innings per game/9 innings per week


Special Note:  A week is defined as Monday through Sunday


*The delivery of a single pitch (including warm-ups) will be considered an inning.


*The starting pitcher may only be removed and then re-entered as a pitcher once during the game.


*Rescheduled games:  Pitching limitations are based upon the week of the rescheduled game, not the original week.


*Suspended game:  Pitching limitations are carried forward from the week of the original game for the completion of the suspended game.  Innings pitched in a suspended game are not counted against the limitations for the current week.


*Consecutive games played on Sunday and Monday are not considered back-to-back games.






40.1        To be eligible to play in the JL Hutchinson League, all players must live within the guidelines established by the JL Hutchinson League.  A player must be a resident of the City of Pittsburg and/or must currently be enrolled in a school within the USD 250 district, which also includes area private and parochial schools.


40.2        No person is eligible to play until his player contract is signed and accepted at League Headquarters.


40.3        Each Player is to have league insurance and is not eligible to play until his registration fee is paid and turned in at the League Headquarters.


40.4        The manager must inform the League Administrator immediately if/when a player withdraws from the roster.


40.5        If a team manager loses one of his players during the season due to illness, injury, change of address, or other justifiable reason, a player will be assigned to that team (if available).


40.6        The Board of Directors must approve all managers, and must also complete/pass a background check.  An individual will only be allowed to be the head coach (manager) of one team in the JL Hutchinson League during any given year.  However, they may serve as an assistant coach in other leagues as long as it does not interfere with their managerial duties. 




41.1        JL Hutchinson League shall provide shirts and hats for players under contract in the league


41.2        Managers are asked to encourage players to take good care of uniforms and equipment.  League officials shall have the authority to issue discipline in instances of gross misuse or abuse of uniforms or equipment.


41.3        It will be the financial responsibility of the manager or buyer if purchases of equipment, supplies, etc. are made without prior approval by the league administrator.


41.4        All uniforms shall have a number on the back of the shirt so that the official scorekeeper may identify players.  Duplicate numbers shall not be permitted on the same team.


41.5        Home plate umpires in all leagues are required to wear facemasks, chest protectors, and shin guards.


41.6        Protective headgear and cup shall be worn by the catcher during practices, warm ups, and games.  Catchers in Machine Pitch, Carnino, and Frank German Leagues must wear headgear that covers their ears (i.e. hockey style mask).


41.7        Baseball Bat:  JL Hutchinson League will adhere to these 2016 Babe Ruth Baseball Bat regulations:


Cal Ripken League (12 years old and under)-The bat may not exceed 33” in length, and the bat barrel may not exceed 2 1/4” in diameter.  All bats must be marked with a BPF 1.15.


Babe Ruth League (13-15 years old)-The bat may not exceed 34” in length, and the bat barrel may not exceed 2 5/8” in diameter.  All bats must be marked with a BPF 1.15.


Note:  If your child’s bat does not meet these standards, it will be considered illegal for league play.




42.1        Prior to the start of each game, each manager shall furnish the umpire in chief and the official scorekeeper a list of his starting line up, substitutes, and the number of innings each player has pitched that calendar week.


42.2        All Leagues:  All players are placed in the batting lineup allowing free substitution.  All players must play a minimum of 2 innings in the field per game.  All players present and in uniform shall be inserted into the defensive line up no later then the start of the 3rd inning.


42.3        A manager or any coach is allowed only one (1) trip to the mound for a conference with the pitcher per inning.  The second trip automatically calls for a change of pitchers.  Conferring with the pitcher by the manager shall be considered a trip to the mound if the manager leaves the dugout.  If doubt, umpire in chief shall make the final determination.


42.4        The starting pitcher only may be removed and re-entered as a pitcher in a later inning.  This may occur only one time during the game.


42.5        The home team in each game shall occupy the first base dugout.


42.6        The league will provide an official scorer at each game.  In the event of a question of eligibility of a pitcher, the record of the official scorer shall be deemed official.  In the absence of the official scorer, the umpire in chief shall designate an official scorer.


42.7        A pitcher in Ted Carnino (9-10) and Frank German (11-12) leagues will receive a verbal warning upon hitting their second batter in a game.  Hitting a third batter will automatically result in the substitution of a new pitcher.  In the Don Gutteridge (13-15) league, a new pitcher shall be substituted after the third hit batsman in any single inning, or on the fourth hit batsman overall during a single game.


42.8        It shall be the responsibility of the Umpire in Chief, scorekeeper and managers to determine the number of innings previously pitched by players on each team prior to the beginning of each game.  The Umpire in Chief or scorekeeper shall notify the manager when a player has pitched in the maximum number of innings for the calendar week and the player will not be allowed to pitch further in the game or any remaining game for that calendar week.  Violation of this regulation will not result in forfeiture of the game!


42.9        It shall be the responsibility of the scorekeeper and the Umpire in Chief to ensure batters are batting in the proper batting order.  If a batter is batting out of turn, the umpire or scorekeeper shall notify the manager and the proper batter shall then bat.  Any balls and strikes shall be counted in the proper batters time at bat.  However, if the improper batter completes the at bat (becomes a base runner or is put out), and the defensive team appeals to the umpire before the first pitch to the next batter, the umpire shall (a) declare the proper batter out, and (b) nullify any advance or score made because of a ball batted by the improper batter.  The proper batter will be the next official batter of record.


42.10     Slide Rule:  A runner must slide when necessary to avoid contact with the fielder.  A runner whom makes contact with a fielder when he does not slide and the fielder has the ball and is waiting to make a tag, or the throw is on it’s way and the fielder is about to catch the ball for the purpose of making the tag will be called out.


42.11     In case of an injury to a runner, the player who was the last batted out will be designated the replacement as a pinch runner.


42.12     ONE coach per team (Ted Carnino and Frank German Leagues only) will be allowed to sit on a coach’s bucket in the field of play.  No exceptions!  This rule will be enforced by the umpires and managers.


42.13     The on deck batter in MP, TC, and FG leagues will take warm up swings in the on deck circle behind the batter of record. 




43.1        A protest shall be considered only when based upon the violation or interpretation of a playing rule.  No protest shall be considered on a decision involving an umpire’s judgment.  Equipment, which does not meet specifications, must be removed from the game and shall not be the basis of a protest.


43.2        The managers of contesting teams only shall have the right to protest a game.


43.3        The protesting manager shall immediately, and before any succeeding play begins, notify the umpire that he is playing a game under protest.


43.4        Following such notice, the umpire shall consult with his associate umpire.  If he is convinced that the decision is in conflict with the rules, he shall reverse his decision.  If, however, after consultation, he is convinced that his decision is correct, he shall announce that the game is being played under protest.  Failure of the umpire to make such an announcement shall not affect the validity of the protest.


43.5        If it is determined that an ineligible player or pitcher is being used, said player shall be removed from the game or position and the game shall be resumed. This shall not be basis of a protest. 


43.6        The protesting manager shall, within 24 hours, submit formal protest in writing to the league administrator or league president.




44.1        The actions of the players, managers, coaches, umpires and league must be above reproach.


44.2        A coach, player, substitute, attendant, or other bench personnel shall not commit any unsportsmanlike act, including but not limited to:


                  a.)             Use words or actions to incite or attempt to incite spectators demonstrations


                  b.)             Argue umpire’s decisions, which involves judgment


                  c.)             Carelessly/deliberately throw a bat


                  d.)            Use profanity, intimidation tactics, remarks reflecting unfavorably upon any                                          other person, taunting, or baiting.


                  e.)             Use any language intended to intimidate


                  f.)              Behave in any manner not in accordance with the spirit of fair play


                  g.)             Charge an umpire


                  h.)            The use tobacco or tobacco like products and/or alcoholic beverages within                                        the confines of the field.


                  i.)              Strike, push, or shove an umpire or JL Hutchinson representative in a violent                                      or threatening manner, before, during, or after a game.


44.3        Penalty:  Managers/coaches/players whom violate any of the above:


                  1.)            The umpire shall eject the offender from the game (the umpire does not have                                      to issue a warning), unless the offense is judged to be of a minor nature.


                  2.)            The umpire may warn the offender and then eject him if he repeats the                                                offense. Note:  The umpire should have the scorekeeper keep a written                                              record of any warnings.


                  3.)            Failure to return to playing/coaching position and begin play within one minute                                   after being warned by the umpire to do so may be sufficient cause for                                                 banishment from the game. Note:  Failure to comply shall result in the game                                      being forfeited.


44.4        Ejection:  Any player, manager, or coach whom shall be banished from a game during the season may be suspended from further participation in this league at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


44.5        When banished from a game, the person must leave the playing area without further disturbance, going outside of the fenced area.  They may not act as a coach, remain in the dugout/field of play, or continue any vocal actions or otherwise demonstrate against the umpires.  Such continued disturbances may be charged against the second banishment.


44.6        Any manager, player, coach, fan, or sponsor who shall strike, push, make a criminal threat or shove an umpire, coach, or JL Hutchinson representative in a violent or threatening manner, before, during, or after a game shall be barred from further participation in the league at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


44.7        All JL Hutchinson League players will be expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner when in the vicinity of any JL Hutchinson League game whether in or out of uniform.  Actions such as running through the stands, fighting, throwing dust, rocks, paper cups, etc. and other such actions which may cause annoyance to the adult fans or neighbors of the ball parks will not be tolerated.  Such conduct will subject the players to possible discipline by league officials, including suspension from league play.  Managers will be expected to attempt to control their players when they are present at any game.  They are also expected to notify their players of the possibility of discipline by league officials.


44.8        Should any team manager have any reason to dispute the decision of an umpire, he alone must discuss the dispute in a non-belligerent manner.  All players and coaches must retire from the scene of the argument unless called in by the umpire to take part in the discussion.  Failure to withdraw from any discussion after being cautioned by the umpire may be sufficient cause for banishment from the game. 


44.9        Any manager who shall refuse to permit his team to continue a game because of a dispute with an umpire shall be barred from further play during the current season and may be barred from managing or coaching in the league during the next season.


44.10     Umpires will be instructed to handle disturbances from the stands as verbal abuse or any other abuse in any manner that will have a negative effect on the game in this prescribed fashion:  First, they will notify each manager of the situation.  If the abuse continues, they will notify the mangers whom should then take steps to solve the problem.  If the problem persists, the game shall stop until such violator can be removed or prohibited from creating such a disturbance again.  This does not prohibit the umpire from stopping the game at his discretion if such a flagrant violation occurs. 


44.11     Throwing the bat:  No player shall throw the bat (intentionally or unintentionally) upon hitting the ball.  The first offense in a game is a warning.  Upon the second offense in a game, the batter/runner is out and no runners may advance.


44.12     Uniformed players, managers, coaches, team scorers, and umpires only shall be permitted within the confines of the playing field just prior to or during games.  Except for the batter, base runners, and the player “on deck”, all players shall be sitting on their benches in their dugouts.


44.13     Only managers and adult coaches are permitted in the coaching boxes.




45.1        Organized practice will begin shortly after the draft for all teams under the supervision of managers or coaches.  Practice on school days may not start before 4:00pm


45.2        Rainouts will be rescheduled the same week they were originally scheduled.  In other words, a game will be made up on the next available open night, except for “blackout dates” as decided by the Board of Directors prior to the beginning of the season.


45.3        Twenty minutes before the scheduled starting time of the first game, the visiting team may make use of the infield and outfield for a period of eight minutes, after which it must be surrendered promptly to the home team for a like period of time.


45.4        Managers are expected to apply dedicated time to the instruction and development of their team.


45.5        Acknowledging that a parent may serve as a manager of a travel team, the JL Hutchinson League welcomes those individuals who can fulfill the above obligations to a league team.  However, the decision by a travel team/league manager to miss a league game to attend a travel team event can result in “game suspensions during the current year” and/or “a failure to receive a manager’s position in future years”.


45.6        Do not give internal medicines, not even aspirin, to an injured player.  Drugs might disguise or hide a vital symptom from the physician.  This is especially true in head injuries. 






46.1        All prospective players will be placed in a player draft for assignment to teams and will be drafted by name.


46.2        The league administrator/draft coordinators will be in charge of the player draft (i.e. draft order, separate or combined age group selection, preference picks, player selection, etc.) at the direction of the Board of Directors.


46.3        Managers will be furnished a list of all players who registered for the draft.  If there are eight teams, the order shall be 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 then reverse the order to 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (i.e. serpentine draft).  If age groups were selected separately, the manager with the #8 pick will select first in the second round.  Discretion may be used by the person conducting the draft to equalize the number of players on each team in the late rounds.


46.4        Managers’ children and siblings of team members will be considered as preference draws.  Prior to the draft, the League administrator/draft coordinators will determine in which round each preference pick must be taken/slotted in the draft.




47.1        Regular Season Champions:  The winning percentage in all games for each team will be used to determine final standings.


47.2        Teams finishing 1st and 2nd in each division shall be awarded trophies or medals.  If two teams are tied in the final standings, then tiebreakers shall be as follows:  1.)  Best head to head record, 2.) runs allowed in head to head games, and 3.) coin toss. 


47.3        Post Season Tournament:  There shall be a single elimination tournament at the end of the season in the Machine Pitch, Ted Carnino, Frank German, and Don Gutteridge Leagues.  Trophies will be awarded to teams finishing 1st, 2nd, and 3rdNote:  There is no 3rd place game in the Don Gutteridge League.


47.4        Seeding for the tournament will be by regular season winning percentage irrespective of division standings.  Tie games are considered to be a half win and a half loss.  If two teams have the same winning percentage, the tiebreaker will be 1.) head to head competition and 2.) coin toss.


47.5        Home teams in the tournament will be determined by highest seed.


47.6        Cal Ripken (7-12) and Babe Ruth (13-15) Postseason Tournaments:  Prior to the conclusion of the regular season, league managers, in conjunction with the League Administrator, will collectively meet and have the opportunity to nominate as many players from their respective league teams as they feel appropriate.  All managers will then have the opportunity to nominate players from other teams that they feel are worthy of a nomination.  Managers will then vote on a total of ten (10) players that will represent Pittsburg on a post-season all-star team.  The postseason manager, as selected by the Board of Directors, will then have the option of selecting up to 5 additional players to complete the official roster.  This roster will then be verified by the League President and sent to the Official Babe Ruth State headquarters for postseason registration and roster verification.    


47.7        Postseason Eligibility:  All players that are eligible for the JL Hutchinson regular season that meet the guidelines set forth by the Board of Directors, and are in good standing, are eligible for participation in the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth postseason tournaments.  A valid birth certificate and waiver signed by the parent/guardian are also required. 



The following rules are intended as a supplement to the Official Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth, Inc. rules, and will govern these leagues as noted below.




  1. Ten players will be played on defense.  Four players will be designated as outfielders.
  2. The front edge of the pitching machine shall be the pitchers rubber.  One eight (8) foot straight line will be drawn parallel from the pitchers rubber.  The player (pitcher) must stay behind this line until the ball is hit.  The Pitcher is required to wear a batting helmet with a facemask (supplied by the league).
  3. A chalked circle will be drawn around the pitching machine.  When the ball is in the pitching circle, runners may not advance.
  4. A batter will receive a maximum of five pitches or three swinging strikes. If a batter hits a foul ball on his fifth pitch or with two strikes, he will be allowed another pitch.  Normal baseball strikeout rules will then apply.
  5. The Umpire will set the pitching machine speed at 37 mph.  The pitching machine speed and elevation will be the same for each team.  The Umpire will also place the ball into the pitching machine and call the bases.
  6. If a batted ball hits the pitching machine, the ball is dead and will be declared an automatic single, and each base runner will advance one (1) base.
  7. A thrown ball hitting the pitching machine will be called a “dead ball” and all runners are entitled to the base to which they were advancing.
  8. When a defensive player is attempting a dangerous play near the pitching machine, the umpires may call a “dead ball”.
  9. All players at the start of the game will be placed in the batting order.  A player that arrives late will be inserted at the end of the batting order.  If a player is injured and can’t continue, their spot in the batting order will be skipped each time the player would have come to bat.  This will be done without penalty. 
  10. Run Rule-Six runs scored in any half inning shall be the same as three outs and the game will be called when there are not enough innings left in the game for a team to score enough runs to win the game.
  11. There are no walks, and a batter does not get to take first base if hit by a pitched ball.
  12. Runners shall not lead-off or steal bases. (amended 4/13/17)
  13. Base Advancement:  A base runner (s) may only advance one base on an overthrown ball into foul territory (i.e. first base).  However, if a fielder makes a play on a runner which results in an over throw into fair territory (i.e. second base), the runners may advance at their own risk until such time as the pitcher has control of the ball (within the designated pitchers circle), and the umpire has called time out.
  14. Umpires will call “time out” after every play.  Time should be called as soon as the play has ceased and runners are obviously not advancing.
  15. The infield fly rule does not apply.
  16. No coaches will be allowed on the field of play while the game is in progress.




  1. There shall be no leading off a base.
  2. A player may steal a base (excluding home plate) when the ball crosses the front edge of home plate.  If in the umpires judgment the runner leaves early, "Dead Ball" will be called and the runner returned to the base. The play becomes dead the moment the runner leaves early. 
  3. A runner may only steal/advance home when:                 
  1. the catcher fails to make a clean catch, or
  2. the return throw from the catcher to the pitcher is not handled cleanly, or;
  3. the catcher overthrows 3rd base, or;
  4. if the catcher attempts to throw out an advancing base runner (i.e. runner at 1st and 3rd, runner at 3rd may advance home).
  1. An exaggerated strike zone shall be in effect.  The strike zone shall be from the lower portion of the leg to the shoulders of each batter.  “Wide” corners of the plate will be called strikes when the ball is in the above-mentioned zone.  Benefit of the doubt will be given to the pitchers.
  2. Run Rule-Six runs scored in any half inning shall be the same as three outs and the game will be called when there are not enough innings left in the game for a team to score enough runs to win the game.




  1. The pitching of breaking balls (including knuckleballs) in the Frank German league is prohibited.  Unless the batter hits the ball and reaches first base safely, the pitch shall be called a ball and the umpire shall warn the pitcher.  After the third such infraction in any game, a pitcher shall be removed from the pitching position.
  2. Run Rule-Seven runs scored in any half inning shall be the same as three outs and the game will be called when there are not enough innings left in the game for a team to score enough runs to win the game.




  1. All players in uniform shall be placed in the official batting order regardless of the number of players on the opposing roster.  Free substitutions of all players will be allowed.
  2. Run Rule-Seven runs scored in any half inning shall be the same as three outs and the game will be called when there are not enough innings left in the game to a team to score enough runs to win the game. 
  3. Consistent with KSHSAA rules, a courtesy runner for the only the pitcher and catcher will be allowed during game play.